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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

You're on cloud nine - you just said, "yes," to spending the rest of your life with that special person who makes you weak in the knees. Now to plan a wedding that's as swoon-worthy as your love. You want every detail of your wedding day to go flawlessly. Now, you cannot control everything, but you can plan ahead to the best of your ability. A good place to start lies in selecting your venue. But how do you choose the perfect place to say "I do?" It can be overwhelming but here are five tips that you might find handy:

1. Budget
Does your dream venue fall within your budget? You have to keep in mind that you'll want to leave wiggle room in your budget for your favorite photographer you've been eyeing, and let's not forget about those dreamy honeymoon plans. Shop around and compare prices before you find the ideal spot.

2. Capacity
Your guest-list will have a big say in the venue. Make sure you keep in mind the number of guests you anticipate on inviting when deciding if the venue makes the cut. If your guest-list is 300 invites strong, you'll need to pass on the intimate space that can fit 150 people.

3. Taste
What type of wedding do you want? Your venue should reflect on you and your partner's tastes. A beach wedding-themed wedding doesn't necessarily vibe well in a traditional church setting.

4. Reviews
What are other couples saying about this venue? Looking at different reviews can help you save money, headaches, and an unhappy wedding party on the big day. Just do a quick search online and you will be able to find out what other people are saying about your potential venue.

5. Travel
How far will you, the wedding party, or guests have to travel to get to your venue? Are you going to provide a shuttle? If it helps, do a practice drive to get to the location before the wedding.

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