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Why You Should Go the Extra Mile: Hiking's Health Benefits

There is nothing like a stroll through the countryside to clear your head and mind. Hiking is not only a fun way to get out of the house and back to nature, but it offers many health benefits as well. Check out these three scientifically proven ways which hiking can help improve your health.

Burn Massive Amounts of Calories

Did you know that you not only burn 450 to 550 calories per hour while hiking, but you continue to lose additional calories throughout the rest of the day? This is due to the increase of your body's metabolism which lasts for a dozen or more hours even when you come off the trail. Want to burn more? Carry a full pack to burn significantly more calories each hour.

Hiking is Good for Your Joints

Although it may seem difficult to believe, hiking is not always bad for your joints. In fact, moderate hiking can be beneficial. Hiking can help alleviate joint pain by helping to get the synovial fluid moving again by compressing and releasing knee cartilage. People with knee pain or arthritis can enjoy all additional benefits of hiking if they take some precautions. It is a good idea to use hiking poles, wear proper footwear, and to limit hikes to soft, level and obstruction-free surfaces.

Lift Your Mood

A walk in the woods is good medicine, especially if you want to feel happier. Studies in Britain and the US found hiking decreases depression and helps people deal better with stressful situations. The results from the study showed people who spend three or more days a week walking in nature had the biggest changes in the way they felt, but even people who walked as little as once a week felt happier.

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